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Mold technology trend of CNC bending machine

Time:2021-08-24     Author:weikeda machine【Original】


      The bending machine mold manufacturing industry is also one of the industries with a large amount of CNC bending machine molds. In automobiles, high-speed trains, general machinery manufacturing, and the wood processing industry, which has gradually expanded its usage in recent years, have become the main users of the CNC bending machine mold industry.

   The aerospace industry is a traditional and important application field of CNC bending machine molds. In this industry, CNC bending machine molds are generally used to cut aircraft structural parts. These structural parts are generally large in size, and aluminum alloys have been widely used in the past. With the expansion of application fields of titanium alloys and composite materials, the requirements for mold processing of CNC bending machines are getting higher and higher.

       From the perspective of the development process of CNC bending machine molds, from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century, high-speed steel was the main representative of CNC bending machine mold materials; in 1927, Germany first developed cemented carbide CNC bending machine mold materials and obtained Widely used; in the 1950s, Sweden and the United States synthesized synthetic diamonds respectively, and the cutting of CNC bending machine molds has since entered a period represented by superhard materials. In the 1970s, people synthesized polycrystalline diamond (PCD) using high-pressure synthesis technology, which solved the problem of scarcity and high price of natural diamond, and expanded the application range of diamond CNC bending machine molds to aviation, aerospace, automotive, Electronics, stone and other fields.

   The choice of die material for CNC bending machine is the basis for the successful cutting process. Compared with cemented carbide, the die speed of PCD CNC bending machine can reach 4000m/min, while that of cemented carbide is only 1/4. In terms of service life, PCD CNC bending machine molds can generally be increased by 20 times. From the perspective of the processed surface quality, the effect of PCD is 30%-40% better than that of cemented carbide. In addition, the development of CBN (Vertical Boron Nitride) superhard material CNC bending machine molds and surface coating CNC bending machine molds have also contributed to the advancement of cutting technology.

      For CNC bending machine molds, there are three key factors: cost, life, and efficiency. Experiments have shown that if the mold cost of the CNC bending machine is reduced by 30%, the overall cost will be reduced by about 1%; if the life of the CNC bending machine mold is increased by 50%, the overall cost will be reduced by about 1%; however, if the cutting parameters are optimized as much as possible , Improve the processing efficiency of the CNC bending machine mold by 20%, then the overall cost of each workpiece can be reduced by more than 15%.


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