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Dangerous behavior during operation ofDangerous behavior during operation of CNC bending machine

Time:2021-08-14     Author:weikeda machine【Original】


       When operating a CNC bending machine, it is important to pay attention to the safety of the operator. Therefore, during the operation, you should not do the following dangerous behaviors:

  1, non-single power supply

       Some CNC bending machine equipment adds some mechanisms. Because of the convenience of wiring or the action connection with other equipment, the electricity of the new mechanism is not drawn from the power cut-off switch of the equipment, but the other leads are violated. "Connect mechanical and electrical equipment to a single power source". In an emergency, turning off the power switch on the device cannot cut off all the power to the device, which is a potential hazard to personnel.

  2, electrical equipment under-protection

   In the national standard GB/T5226.1, there must be thermal protection measures for continuously working motors of 0.5kw and above. The failure of the motor's heat accumulation is an important reason for the motor to burn out. When the time constants of the "time-current" protection devices that are not matched with the motor are used in the process of machine tool equipment transformation, when the time constants are greatly different from each other, they often fail to provide effective protection. We have seen in actual work that maintenance and transformation of machine tools often have problems in this regard.

  3, the safety operation protection function is not complete

   When there is no protective door interlocking function for the equipment with the risk of splashing, there is no two-hand control mode when it is necessary to confirm that the operator's hands have left the dangerous action area before they can move. When the lack of phase causes the electrical appliances to burn out, the three-phase linkage circuit breaker is not installed and the three-way insurance is used respectively, which directly constitutes a hazard to personnel and property.

  4, warning signs are not perfect

   Some modified machine tools failed to give corresponding warning signs in accordance with the requirements of GB5226.1-18.2. It is often not well explained in the revised technical documents, and only verbally warns the operators during the training.

   The above is the maintenance method of the various parts of the CNC bending machine and the dangerous behavior during operation introduced by WEIKEDA Machinery. If you don't know enough about it, please contact us in time!


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