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Blade replacement techniques for guillotine shears

Time:2021-08-12     Author:weikeda machine【Original】


         The blade sharpening and replacement skills of the guillotine shears, the blades must be sharpened regularly. If sharpening is not performed for a long time, it seems to be trouble-free, but in fact it will cause a lot of waste. If the blade is cut blunt and continues to cut, the outer grain structure of the blade will be destroyed due to excessive pressure, which will damage the equipment and fail to obtain good shear quality. After the blade is sharpened, the damaged crystalline outer layer is eliminated. Therefore, a complete blade sharpening schedule should be worked out according to the specific production situation. It is best to have a set of sharpened blades as a spare, so as not to affect production .

         Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is a common and commonly used shearing equipment in machining, which can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses. Hydraulic guillotine shears have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and low noise.

The daily use of hydraulic guillotine shears will inevitably cause some failures. The following editor will share with you the common faults and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic guillotine shears:

       1. Check the gas pressure of the accumulator:

            The gas pressure of the accumulator needs to be checked frequently (about once every 30 days). Use the accumulator nitrogen charging tool (CQJ-160) attached to the machine. If the nitrogen charging pressure is less than 4.5Mpa, it should be supplemented.

      2. Oil charging of accumulator During the use of the machine (or after the machine is repaired), if the accumulator charging pressure is found to be insufficient (or when it needs to be refilled), it should be filled in time.

           The blades of hydraulic guillotine shears are turned on for several cycles to ensure that under normal conditions, test cuts of different thicknesses, from thin to thick. Ensure that the user is familiar with the blade performance of the hydraulic guillotine shears. Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial cutting. If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted, the durability of the blade will be affected.


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