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Types of shears blades

Time:2021-08-10     Author:weikeda machine【Original】

      1. Cold bending forming line hydraulic shear blades: for example, special hydraulic shear blades configured on production lines such as automobile longitudinal beam cold bending line, car side baffle production line, color steel plate forming line, etc.

     2. Steel structure production line hydraulic shear blade: mostly used for angle steel cutting, H-beam automatic production line to complete the cutting process.

     3. The blades of hydraulic shears for plate flattening lines: high-speed hydraulic shears blades designed to meet the rapid cutting requirements of the production line for plate uncoiling and leveling lines. Most of the thick plate lines are hydraulic high-speed hydraulic shears. Board machine blades, thin plate lines are equipped with pneumatic shear blades; high-speed lines are equipped with flying shear blades, continuous production and cutting, high efficiency. Types of hydraulic shear blades

    4. Flat-blade hydraulic shear blade: good shearing quality, small distortion and large shearing force, high energy consumption, and more mechanical transmission. The upper and lower blades of the hydraulic shear blade are parallel to each other and are often used for hot shearing in rolling mills. Blooming party.

    5. Oblique blade hydraulic shear blade: the upper and lower blades of the hydraulic shear are at an angle. Generally, the blade is inclined and its inclination angle is generally 1° to 6°. The shear force of the oblique blade shear blade is flat. The blade of the blade shearing machine is small, so the motor power and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced. The most practically used hydraulic shearing machine blade manufacturers produce more of this type of shearing machine blades.

    6. Blade of sheet metal bending hydraulic shearing machine: that is, two processes of shearing and bending can be completed on the unified machine.


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