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Common operating errors of CNC press brake

Time:2021-08-10     Author:weikeda machine【Original】


       We have common low-level mistakes in the operation of CNC bending machines. No one is perfect. Maybe we have made sheet metal more or less. Otherwise, how do we become masters from apprentices? But it is still necessary to understand that it can be avoided.

CNC bending machine:

       1. The bending angle of large-scale products is not up to standard: After the first few pieces are bent, you must check whether the angle and bending height of each bend are correct before continuing to produce. Weikeda Machinery CNC bending machine adopts grating ruler Compensation is performed to control the height of the worktable. Generally, the batch size and angle can be basically achieved without error after the first piece is bent without error.

     2. Leak bending: check all the positions of the product that need to be bent against the drawings, and form a three-dimensional orientation in your mind, whether the front bending will interfere with the back bending, whether the workpiece will interfere with the top knife of the CNC bending machine, etc. , The first piece can be mass-produced after the first bending is correct.

      3. After the bending is completed, the subsequent processing cannot continue

      4. The bending direction of the plate is correct and the reverse of the bending: Before bending, make sure that all burr surfaces are the same. If you need to bend symmetrically, please split the product in half first.

     5. Wrong bending pressure causes blasting to hurt people: due to improper adjustment of the machine, the excessive pressure causes the blasting. After the blasting, the fragments of the abrasive tool will fly at a speed close to the bullet. It is not a small problem if it hurts people.

     6. Fingers are crushed during the bending operation: Many factories are not familiar with the full performance of the machine because of multiple CNC bending machines. Some relatively large workpieces require two or more personnel to operate, but the general CNC bending machine only needs one foot switch, which can cause injury incidents due to poor cooperation, and other injury incidents will cause huge losses to the enterprise; Wei Keda Machinery When the bending machine is equipped with a laser sensor device, the workbench will not work after the article (finger) is larger than the thickness of the plate and is put into the knife edge.


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