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Clearance of shear blades

Time:2021-08-09     Author:weikeda machine【Original】

      When using the shears, there are many operating factors that actually require us to adjust, such as the gap of its blades, we have to adjust it before using it, then how should we adjust it? It is mainly determined according to its material, such as low-carbon steel, medium and high-carbon steel, the use of different materials is also different. In the article, Weikeda Machinery also introduced the precautions for the lubrication of the shearing machine. If you are very interested in this aspect, hurry up and learn from the article!

The method of selecting the blade gap of the shearing machine:

  1. Take mild steel with a tensile strength of 375-460MPa and an elongation rate of 25% as the benchmark, and the gap is selected at 10% of the thickness of the sheared plate.

  2. If the elongation of medium and high carbon steel is low, the gap value of the blade should be larger than the corresponding low carbon steel, so it can be selected between 10%-15% of the plate thickness.

  3. For stainless steel with high elongation and tensile strength, the blade gap should also be determined according to the elongation, and the blade gap should be adjusted appropriately, which is about 6%~6.5% of the thickness of the cut sheet.

  4. In short, for materials with good shear toughness, the blade gap should be slightly smaller than when cutting low-carbon steel; on the contrary, when cutting brittle materials, the gap should be slightly larger. These are the initial selected gap values during shearing, which can be slightly adjusted based on experience after viewing the quality of the shear section after shearing the board.

Precautions when lubricating the shearing machine:

   1. The choice of lubrication method of shearing machine CNC lathe should be determined according to the structure of the CNC lathe, the level of automation technology, the load and accuracy requirements of the CNC lathe. While considering reducing wear, saving energy and reducing consumption, it is also required to prevent temperature and vibration.

  2. Typical mechanical parts are common in the key parts of shearing machine CNC lathes, which are standardized, practical and versatile. For example, rolling bearings, roller bearings, transmission gears, drag slides, screw transmission system pairs, clutches, hydraulic transmission systems, camshafts, etc., they have different lubrication conditions.

  3. Shearing CNC lathes are generally installed in indoor air. High-precision CNC lathes require a constant temperature air-conditioning natural environment, which is generally around 20°C. However, due to the high precision and automation technology of many CNC lathes, the regulations on grease viscosity, anti-oxidation life and grease cleanliness are relatively strict.

         The above is the introduction of the shearing machine. I believe that after these introductions of Vikeda Machinery, everyone must have a more in-depth understanding of it. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us. !


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