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The bending machine has abnormal noise adjustment?

Time:2021-08-09     Author:weikeda machine【Original】

       When we use the bending machine, we should have enough understanding of the machine to ensure that we can better exert the mechanical effect when using it. Then if there is a problem with it, such as abnormal noise, So how should we adjust? The inspection is mainly based on the two aspects of drive parameter problems and mechanical precision problems. In addition, in the article, the editor also introduces the maintenance skills of the bending machine to help you use it better. Come and have a look!


How to adjust the abnormal noise of the bending machine?

  1, drive parameter problem

   Adjust the control accuracy of the bending machine motor with the hand operator. Among them, the motor parameters Kp, Kff and Tvi, etc., respectively reduce the values of the first two items, but this operation will reduce the accuracy of the engineering machinery design work. Therefore, we need to adjust the value as long as the value is moderate, and not only pursue the mute effect and affect the accuracy of the analysis.

  2, mechanical precision problems

   When carefully identifying the gear noise or the sharp sound from the end of the motor, check whether there is any loose part of the spring machine. If possible, you can also check whether there is a gap between the gears. Generally, when adjusting the motor, you only need to loosen the motor with the fixing screw, and then tighten it a little.


Maintenance skills of bending machine:

   1. Add lubricating oil to the slider, eccentric pulley, pulley, and rotating parts once a week. Pour smooth oil into the oil hole every day to keep all parts of the bending machine smooth.

  2. The press brake mechanics check each day in accordance with the requirements of the bending machine inspection and maintenance items to ensure that the press brake can operate normally and make records.

  3. Regularly check whether the screws and fasteners of each part of the bending machine are locked and must not be loosened; check whether the power cord is damaged or aging, and whether the socket is in good contact and reliable, and repair and replace in time.

   4. Every operator must understand the repair and maintenance of the bending machine. If the bending machine is not used for a long time, it should be arranged first, covered with a protective cover, and stored properly. Once half a year, idling for a short period of time should be completely stable.



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