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CNC press brake bending angle

Time:2021-08-07     Author:weikeda machine【Original】


     CNC press brake is currently the most common type of bending machine. Its function is to be able to quickly bend various metal materials as required. Then how should we use CNC press brake to perform various bending operations at different angles Woolen cloth?

     The upper and lower 90-degree molds can be uniformly used for 90 degrees or more, and the V-shaped upper and lower molds can be used for less than 90 degrees. Slowly adjust the angle of adjustment in one step. For angles greater than 90 degrees, based on experience, if the angle is digitally displayed, write down the number displayed each time, and adjust to that number next time. A 30-degree sharp knife mold is used when folding 90 degrees, and a 30-degree groove is used for the lower mold.

     Bending machine setting size: The setting size is actually adjusting the size of the baffle, which can be adjusted coarsely and finely through the buttons on the lower right corner of the bending machine. The angle of the bending is the depth of the V-row grooves cut by the knife.

Steps of bending machine:

    1. To determine the bending force and the size of the V-slot hole of the lower die, it can be calculated according to the thickness of the folded plate and the length of the folded plate.

    2. Align the center of the upper and lower molds and adjust the space;

    3. Determine the position of the front and rear stoppers and the process flow chart, press the adjustment switch to switch.

   4. Place the workpiece in the middle of the hydraulic press brake table for pressure measurement.

   5. Adjust the mold gap again. If necessary, adjust the upper mold adjustment block. At the same time, ensure that each one is completely sealed, and replace it in time if there is any leakage. Backgauge adjustment generally adopts electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment, and the method is the same as that of a shearing machine.

   After stepping on the foot switch, it starts to bend, and when the foot is released, it will stop working, and the bending opportunity will continue to exist if you continue to step on it.

   Press the upper mold with a small corner at one end into the lower mold plane, being careful not to be too deep, just close it infinitely, and then adjust the oil cylinder at the other end so that both side molds can be pressed into the lower mold, ensuring that the two sides are parallel.

    The accuracy requirement of the pipe bending is a factor that needs to be carefully considered, and this factor determines whether it is a high-precision CNC pipe bending machine or a manual pipe bending machine. If the bending accuracy is required to be ±1° and cannot be changed, the CNC machine must be checked.

    The repeated machining accuracy of the slider of the precision bending machine is ±0.0004 inches, and the machining angle must have such accuracy and a good mold. The repeatability of the slide block of the manually controlled pipe bender is ±0.002 inches, and the error of ±2~3 inches is usually generated under the condition of using a suitable mold. In addition, the high-precision CNC bending machine can be used for quick mold assembly. When a large number of small batch parts need to be bent, this is also an indisputable reason for consideration.


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