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Daily maintenance of bending machine

Time:2021-08-05     Author:weikeda machine【Original】


  1. Daily maintenance and maintenance before and after shifts

      1. Pre-shift maintenance: (1) Lubricate the bending machine according to the lubrication label of the machine. (2) Check whether the limit switch is sensitive and in good condition. Check whether the various mechanisms and operating parts of the safety protection device fasteners are intact.

      2. After-shift maintenance: (1) Cut off all power supplies. The parts and tools are returned to their original positions. Sweep and clean the machine to remove debris and clean the work area.

2. Regular maintenance

     Regular maintenance is divided into appearance maintenance, upper slide maintenance, hydraulic lubrication and electrical maintenance.

     1. Appearance maintenance: scrub the machine to ensure no oil, dirt, and debris.

     2. Maintenance of the upper slide (1) Check whether the parallelism between the upper slide and the worktable is normal, and adjust if there is a deviation. (2) Scrub the guide rail, screw rod and sliding surface to keep it clean.

     3. Hydraulic lubrication maintenance (1) Check and clean the oil pump, oil cylinder, piston, filter screen and valve group. If there is a puncture, it should be trimmed. (2) Replace the damaged parts, keep the oil circuit unblocked, and unblock it if it is blocked. (3) Check the pressure gauge

         Check, if the pressure is wrong, it needs to be replaced.

     4. Electrical maintenance

      4.1. Clean the motor and electrical box and carry out proper lubrication.

      4.2. Overhaul the control system and circuits so that they can work normally and not work with illness.

The above has introduced several maintenance methods for the bending machine, and users are expected to maintain the bending machine by themselves.


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