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The problem of hydraulic oil pollution of CNC bending machine

      Heavy pollution of the bending machine oil will immediately jeopardize the characteristics of the hydraulic transmission system. What's more terrifying is that it will cause frequent failures of the hydraulic system and reduce the service life of the hydraulic bending mechanism. The specific reason for this risk is the particulate matter in the dust. As far as hydraulic components are concerned, the liquid particulate matter entering the component will promote the damage of the component dragging component. In addition, it will block the throttle valve hole, the damping hole in the hydraulic parts, or the valve core stuck, causing the hydraulic machine system to be abnormal.

      In addition, the mixing of water and gas reduces the wetting of the hydraulic oil, accelerates the air oxidation of the hydraulic oil, and causes cavitation erosion. Therefore, the accelerated erosion of hydraulic parts will cause vibration and noise to the hydraulic oil system of the press.

 Specifically, there are the following two levels:

     To prevent pollution sources from entering the hydraulic transmission system, and to remove pollution sources that have already entered the system. In addition, pollution control should focus on all links, including the design concept, manufacturing, installation, application, maintenance, and overhaul of hydraulic devices.

To avoid pollution, the CNC bending machine adopts the following countermeasures in specific work:

   1. Always keep the hydraulic press clean before use

      Hydraulic oil is very susceptible to contamination during the whole process of transportation and storage. The newly bought hydraulic oil looks neat, but it is actually quite dirty. Be sure to let it sit for a few days before applying it to the hydraulic transmission system.

  2. Always keep the oil clean before operation after equipment

      The automobile fuel tank of CNC bending machine must be clean in the whole process of manufacturing. In addition, the hydraulic transmission system should be completely clean after assembly and operation. Therefore, after the manufacturing and assembly are carried out and the test operation is passed, people will remove and medium the hydraulic oil before the hydraulic oil is transported to the customer. That can ensure that the hydraulic oil is not easily leaked or contaminated during the whole process of transportation. After the equipment is delivered to the customer, the customer should be taught to install and add hydraulic oil and operate the equipment again.

  3. Keep clean during work

     In the entire application process of CNC bending machine, the hydraulic oil will suffer from air pollution, so people must prevent the intrusion of gas and water. In order to completely solve the intrusion of water, gas and pollution sources, a completely sealed water storage tank must be used. Lift the air filter on the vent to prevent dust, wear-resistant materials and refrigerant from entering. However, customers still have to regularly maintain and replace hydraulic seals.

  4. Use a suitable oil filter element.

    It is a specific way to manipulate hydraulic oil pollution. Technical professional manufacturers will select different filtering methods, different precisions and different filter device structures according to the regulations of machinery and equipment. Friends, customers must regularly maintain and clean the oil filter element and the car fuel tank.

  5. Replace hydraulic oil on time

    After a lot of research, many customers have hardly replaced the hydraulic oil in order to cost-effectively. As a result, the equipment was severely damaged and even unable to work. Be sure to regularly maintain and replace the hydraulic oil. Before introducing new oil, be sure to clean the car's fuel tank.

  6. Control the temperature of hydraulic oil

    Excessive operating temperature of hydraulic oil is harmful to hydraulic devices. In addition, high temperature will also accelerate the mildew of the oil itself, resulting in different products and reducing its useful life. Under normal circumstances, the operating temperature of all hydraulic transmission systems is preferably less than 65°C. The hydraulic drive system of the CNC bending machine should be operated at 55°C.


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