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170/4000 CNC bending machine programming diagram

170/4000 CNC bending machine programming first understand that the mold structure is used in the processing. The upper mold for the mold system to bend the workpiece is connected by the clamping block and the slider, and the slider moves up and down to realize the bending movement of the upper mold. . The lower mold is fixed on the lower mold base through the supporting plate, and the lower mold base is installed on the bed worktable. The horizontal position of the lower mold can be adjusted by adjusting the clamping block of the mold to ensure the parallelism of the lower mold and the upper mold. According to the relative position of the upper and lower molds during the bending process, the bending process can be divided into two methods: gap bending and bottom bending. During the bending process to determine the working tonnage, the force between the upper and lower molds is applied to the material, causing the material to produce plastic deformation. Working tonnage refers to the bending pressure during bending. The influencing factors for determining the working tonnage include: bending radius, bending method, mold ratio, elbow length, thickness and strength of the bending material, etc. Generally, the working tonnage can be selected according to the table and set in the processing parameters. Normally, the control system can automatically calculate the unfolded length of the sheet according to the relevant parameters given during programming. Interference between the bending plate and the machine tool structure When multiple or complex parts are bent, the plate may collide with some parts of the machine tool due to the change in the shape of the plate after bending, causing interference. The control system of the CNC bending machine tool can automatically calculate and check the interference between the bent sheet and each part of the machine tool according to the processing conditions, and prompt the programmer to take corresponding measures to eliminate the interference.


The basic two-dimensional graphics is a 170/4000 CNC bending machine programming method. Input part parameters. Sheet thickness, material, length, inner and outer dimensions. After determining the part size and general part parameters, enter the graphic input interface. When drawing the part shape, first enter a basic length value of the part, then enter the angle and length of the adjacent side, and repeat this process until the part is drawn. To realize the automatic bending process, the following parameters need to be determined: The degree reflects the calculation accuracy of the system selection, and the range of degree selection is 1-5. The front expansion ratio is the ratio of the allowable length of the material to extend forward after being compressed. The maximum value = 1.0. If the pre-reception expansion coefficient is selected, if the programming mode is 0, it means that when the system calculates no result according to the selected pre-expansion ratio, it will receive a smaller value than the selected value; when the programming mode is 1, the system always performs the selection The pre-expansion ratio, which may result in the inability to calculate the result. Sharp corner positioning of the rear stop: When the rear stop part of the bent sheet is positioned at a sharp angle less than 90 degrees, you can choose whether to allow the rear stop to realize the stop. Select "0" to not allow; select "1" to allow. There is a bend between the stopper and the lower die. Horizontal angle tolerance: When the back gauge part has a horizontal angle difference, the tolerance of the angle can be input for the system to calculate the position of the back gauge block.


Vertical Angle Tolerance When the rear gauge part of the 170/4000 CNC bending machine has a vertical angle difference, the tolerance of the angle can be input for the system to calculate the position of the back block. The length of the stopper part: the length of the stopper part refers to the length of the sheet from the center of the mold to the back stopper. Due to the limitation of the X-axis and R-axis position adjustment, the minimum and maximum value of the sheet length of the stopper part are fixed. Within this size range, the sheet can be reliably blocked by the stopper. .Expanded length calculation After preprocessing the above parameters, the system can calculate the expanded length of the sheet and the basic conditions of bending. After drawing the part shape according to the part drawing, press the function key to select the "bending step" mode. Then enter the code of the lower part of the machine tool, the lower die, the upper part of the machine tool, and the upper die. The code represents the mold used by the machine tool. If the code input is invalid, the system prompts "not programmed", indicating that the system does not have this setting. The machine parts and molds must be correctly input before the calculation of the bending step. The existing molds in the system mold library can be displayed on the screen, and the main dimensions, mold shapes, etc. are given on the diagram.



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